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Every wedding is different; some are small and intimate, some are subtle and refined while others are, quite frankly, outrageously extravagant! But at the heart of each one is a unique style that creates the perfect backdrop for one of the most memorable days in the life journey of you as a couple.
So, what is our wedding styling? It’s about creating the right ambiance; a theme, décor, lighting, music, colour, beautiful flowers, fragrance, and stunning table settings. And it’s about all the little details that combine together to say this is YOU. It’s about showing your guests that this is how you want to share and celebrate this happy and important day in your lives. Our job is to transform your style into a personalised wedding experience. And that’s where we excel.

Flowers & Weddings

We can organise speciality lighting, flowers, décor, styling, entertainment or dress the room with a specific colour or theme.  

From Ceremony to Celebration.

Beautiful Flowers

Who doesn’t love to feast their eyes on a fantastic floral display or breathe in its stunning scent?

We are passionate about wonderful wedding styling, and for us, flowers are a huge part of creating the wow factor in any setting. We work with the most talented floral designer who is both inspirational and creative. He’s happy to suggest ideas or take your own thoughts, and transform these into a floral vision.

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